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Julia Tremmel

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An adventure through Berlin: SchoolRallye meets the needs of both young people and teachers. A smartphone-guided scavenger hunt that was created by a team of experts consisting of educators, storytellers, city guides and historians. Students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge themselves and thus make lasting connections.

They solve exciting challenges. The puzzles give them the chance to learn while having fun with the story and learn to make their own decisions. The outdoor riddles are solved as a team, enabling the school groups to learn how to succeed together. The SchoolRallye includes many challenges that are experienced through a personal story based on true events of an escape from east to west Berlin.

Instead of running after a guide, a SchoolRallye is all about solving puzzles. The characters in the game really existed, and you learn about their real lives and challenges, which the students help to overcome. This allows Berlin to be experienced holistically as a center of German history. In addition, actions and feelings are connected. Life in the GDR becomes tangible.

With SchoolRallye, teachers give their class an adventure on a school trip in which they utilize interdisciplinary, autonomous learning with the inclusion of media. The students play an exciting outdoor escape game: experience self-guided learning & knowledge interactively.

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