Information for group leaders

Hello there, group leaders. It's about to begin! The digital scavenger hunt “Spy & Escape at the Berlin Wall” is just around the corner! In this article, you will find all the information you need as a group leader to have a successful and exciting time playing the game.

Watch video: Information for group management

This is how it works with the distribution of group codes & the stations on the route. Watch this video to get all the important information you need before you start with the group.

Where does the Spy & Escape Tour start?

You will start the tour in Weinbergspark. This is located right next to the underground stop “Rosentaler Platz”, which you can easily reach by either the underground line U8, or by tram. Make your way to the Weinbergspark, and when you see the statue “Mother and Child”, you have arrived. You can also find a link with the coordinates to the exact position on the PDF with the access codes, in the emails you have received, and on our website.

Where can I find the access codes?

You will find the access codes in a PDF in the e-mail you received after placing your order. The most convenient way to distribute these codes, is to print out this PDF and then tear or cut the codes into individual pieces. Then distribute these individual codes to the groups. As soon as the students have the access codes, they can start playing! 

How does the Spy & Escape Tour work?

You only need one smartphone per group, and the groups are asked to give access to their GPS, camera and sound. This is essential so that all the puzzles can be solved, since the tour is interactive with its environment. The tour begins with a video about the real Berlin escape story that the tour is based on. 

The students can now start solving the eleven different stations, with fun and interactive puzzles relating to the true story of a millionaire's escape story from the GDR. They have to recognise signs of forgery in a painting, track down dead letterboxes, escape Stasi spies, and of course, find the escape tunnel. It will take the groups between one and a half to two hours to finish the Spy & Escape Tour.

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What do you do as the group leader during this time?

To shorten the route and meet the groups at the end of the tour, you can take the U8 north. After travelling one stop to Bernauer Straße, you can walk to the location where the tour will end. This will take you about eleven minutes. You now have a bit of breathing space, so you can sit down in a café and enjoy some free time. Alternatively, you can use the free access code that you receive as a group leader to play along yourself. 

What happens at the end of the Spy & Escape Tour?

Once the students reach their destination, they have of course finally managed to escape over the Wall to the West, and have also helped their friend, the antiques dealer, to escape as well. At this point, the groups will get a score displayed on their smartphone. If you want to hold a small award ceremony, simply collect the groups' scores at this point. A small surprise from us also awaits the groups at the end of the tour. At the last station, they have to “scan” their fingerprints to get into the west. Together with the picture they took at the start of the tour, they will receive these on a West passport, which they can download to keep as a memory of the tour. As the group leader, you will also receive access to a folder containing all the group photos.

Now you have all the information you need to make the Spy & Escape tour an exciting and successful experience. We wish you lots of fun on the tour!