Escape room with your school class? Tips for your class trip to Berlin

Are you looking for an exciting and educational activity for your school class in Berlin and are thinking about trying out an escape room? Find out here why escape rooms are suitable for your school trip.

Why escape rooms are ideal for school groups

Escape rooms promote teamwork and cooperation. The puzzles are designed so that they have to be solved in groups. Students have the opportunity to work together as a team, share ideas, and support each other. This not only promotes their social skills, but also shows the importance of collaboration for success.

Diverse puzzles for different strengths

Escape rooms offer a wide range of challenges. From logical brain-teasers to creative puzzles to math problems — there is a suitable task for every student and skill. This way, everyone can contribute their individual strengths and be a part of the experience.

Learning through adventure

Escape rooms are not only entertaining, but also offer a fun learning opportunity. They often integrate historical events, scientific concepts, or literary topics into the problem-solving. Students can thus take on the role of detectives to solve a historical mystery, or experiment as scientists in a laboratory. This variety makes learning exciting and motivates the students.

Encouraging critical thinking

The various puzzles in an escape room require logical thinking, creative problem-solving and the ability to link information. Students are encouraged to think outside the box and to try out different solutions. This critical thinking is an important skill that not only benefits them in the escape room, but also in school and later professional life.

Shared experiences of success strengthens the sense of community

Successfully solving the puzzles strengthens students' self-confidence and creates a shared sense of achievement. It shows them that they can overcome challenges together, and encourages them to boldly contribute to other school projects as well. These positive group experiences can significantly improve the classroom climate.

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Outdoor escape rooms with entertaining lessons

The next time a class trip is due, a visit to an escape room could be a great and unique way to combine learning with entertainment. However, conventional escape rooms are often too small for entire school classes, and the themes are mostly fictional. This is where SchoolRallye comes in.

SchoolRallye: “Spy & Escape at the Berlin Wall”

The Spy & Escape tour is an outdoor scavenger hunt based on true events, and can be played by up to 120 students at the same time. This smartphone-guided tour was developed by an expert team of educators, storytellers and city guides. Students learn about the GDR, the history of refugees, and the Stasi in an entertaining and interactive way.

Historical education meets puzzle-solving fun

During the tour, students take on the role of escape assistants who try to save their friend Siegfried from the Stasi. They must find encrypted clues, recognize forged paintings, and uncover a secret escape tunnel. This exciting mission is based on real historical events and gives students a vivid picture of life in the GDR.

Why SchoolRallye is ideal for school groups

SchoolRallye offers all the benefits of an escape room — teamwork, critical thinking and shared success — but on a larger scale and outside. Students can learn autonomously and interactively, experiencing Berlin's political history up close. At the end of the tour, there is a shared sense of achievement that strengthens the class' sense of community and creates unforgettable memories.

Discover SchoolRallye now

Experience an unforgettable adventure with your school class and learn about the GDR and Stasi in an entertaining way. Book the Schoolrallye “Spy & Escape at the Berlin Wall” now and find available dates. Combine fun and education in a unique way, and create an unforgettable experience for your students.

Find available dates for the tour and experience a unique adventure in Berlin with your class! Book here.