To which major German city for a school trip? The 5 most popular destinations

Cities in Germany offer lots of great activities for students on school trips. From historic buildings to cool outdoor sports activities, everything is included. Nevertheless, the selection is often difficult. There is a wide range of offers and it is not always easy to find out which destination is the best fit. Many teachers and students ask themselves: Which city do we go to for a class trip?

What should you pay attention to when choosing a destination?

There are various factors that you should consider when choosing the city to which your next school trip should go. For example, if you only have three days, the destination should be reached within around four hours so that you can still spend enough time in the city and don't have to rush from one activity to the next to accommodate everything. For longer trips, the cities are particularly worthwhile, which have a very wide range of activities so that you can serve different interests and avoid boredom.


Let's start with the capital. No other city shows the history of the country as clearly as in Berlin. The remnants of the wall are reminiscent of the division of Germany into the four zones of occupation, which are particularly visible here.

Berlin is also the political center of Germany. This is where decisions are made that will have an impact on the coming years. A visit to the Bundestag is therefore a must for every student. Sometimes you can also take part in debates as a spectator and get a feel for how politics are done in Germany. But Berlin is also interesting as a center for art and culture. The range of museums, theaters and events is bigger than in any other city, so there is something for everyone. Berlin is worthwhile for a short trip, but due to the many options, you can also easily fill the program for a whole week.

Berlin highlights

  • Berlin Wall - Learn about the division of Germany
  • Bundestag - This is how politics is done in Germany
  • Deutsches Theater - Visit one of the most popular cultural cities


A popular activity with school groups in Hamburg is the Miniature Wonderland. It is the largest miniature railway system in the world and represents the city of Hamburg and various regions of the world in detail, which are all modeled and connected to each other. At the harbor, you can watch the huge ships arriving and leaving with goods from all over the world. The Speicherstadt and the old Elbe Tunnel are also very popular with students. Hamburg is therefore particularly suitable for classes interested in topics such as trade, globalization and international networking.

Hamburg highlights

  • Miniature Wonderland - Learn about urban geography
  • Port - Discuss global trade
  • St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel - Admire engineering


Munich scores particularly well for leisure activities in nature. In less than an hour, you can reach the Alps and go hiking or skiing there. Or you can take a boat trip on Lake Starnberg or Lake Chiemsee. Another popular destination for school trips is the German Museum with interactive exhibitions on science and technology, or the Bavaria Film City, where you can take a look behind the scenes of German films. However, due to its location, Munich is not so easy to reach from many places in Germany and is therefore often only worthwhile if you have a whole week.

Munich highlights

  • Bavarian Alps - Discuss environmental protection and tourism
  • Deutsches Museum - Improve your understanding of technical inventions
  • Bavaria Filmstadt - Learn about the German film industry
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Cologne is a popular travel destination, particularly among young people due to its casual lifestyle. In addition to city tours, a visit to Cologne Cathedral is of course not to be missed. It is the city's landmark and, unlike most other buildings around it, also survived the bombing raids in the Second World War. Other excursion options include the Rhine, the Chocolate Museum and the German Sports and Olympic Museum. Phantasialand is also a popular destination in Cologne.

Cologne is also worth a trip if you have less time available and is also easy to reach from most locations. However, when it comes to politics and outdoor activities, other cities are more attractive.

Cologne highlights

  • Cologne Cathedral - discusses architecture and history
  • Sports and Olympic Museum - Learn about sports competitions
  • Phantasialand - Strengthen the class community


In no other city in Germany is the EU as present as in Frankfurt am Main. The headquarters of the European Central Bank is part of the impressive skyline that can only be found in Frankfurt in Germany. The city is particularly suitable for rainy days, as it has a variety of museums to offer, for example on the topics of money, film or art. A popular destination in Frankfurt is the Alte Oper, an opera house in whose concert halls classical music, jazz, but also musicals and other cultural programs can be visited. For those interested in literature, it is a good idea to visit the Goethe House in Frankfurt. The former home of the Goethe family is now open to the public as a memorial to the poet.

Frankfurt is particularly suitable for shorter school trips, as it is possible to travel relatively quickly from all over Germany.

Frankfurt highlights

  • European Central Bank - Learn about political and economic cooperation in the EU
  • Alte Oper - Experience a diverse cultural program
  • Goethe House - Visit the workplace of one of Germany's most famous poets

Which city should you choose for the school trip?

A class trip should offer the best mix of fun and learning. You want to strengthen the class community and create memories that extend beyond the class trip. In addition, topics that have been learned at school should be further explored. So once you've discussed a historical topic, such as the GDR and the Cold War, Berlin is more appropriate than Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt am Main. Berlin is also a must for classes interested in politics. In order to perfectly combine learning and fun, the puzzle tour “Flight & Espionage at the Berlin Wall” is recommended. During the city rally on smartphones, students solve puzzles in groups to enable an antique dealer to escape from the GDR. Here they learn playfully about Berlin's history at the time of the division of Germany, about flight to the West and the spying of the Stasi.