Summer holidays in Berlin: 7 tips for outdoor activities

Summer is approaching and even though there is still no sign of it in large parts of Germany, it is slowly time to start taking care of your summer vacation. How about a trip to our colorful capital city, for example?

Here are 11 tips for activities in Berlin that are fun, especially when the weather is good - family-friendly and varied.

1. Bike rides

Berlin offers a variety of guided and private bike tours, which are also easy to do with children and young people.

Guided tours

Providers such as Berlin on Bike offer open and private bike tours, which are particularly interesting for groups and families.

A guided, historic bike tour to all important sights offers the Berlin highlights bike tour. It takes you past sightseeing spots, through the new center of the city and even contains small puzzles about the history of Berlin.

guided bike tour

Another tour that focuses primarily on the Partition and the Berlin Wall is Berlin Wall bike tour. Topics of this trip include the Cold War and the divided Berlin, which affected many families and friends in the GDR.

Both tours last around 3.5 hours, are 12-15 kilometers long and cost 34€ per adult over 18 years of age with Berlin on Bike. Students up to 17 years pay only 17€, children up to 8 years pay just 9€.

Self-organized tours

If you want to save some money, you can of course also organise a bike tour yourself. There are bike rentals in Berlin as well as Sand am Meer: Rent a Bike Berlin, Take A Bike or Free Berlin Bike Tours & Rental are just three of the providers that can be found everywhere in Berlin Mitte. Or you can simply bring your own bike.

On mysterious paths, you will walk on the rather easy bike tour on Drachenberg. It is about 4 km long and takes about 20 minutes. The tour starts and ends at Heerstraße S-Bahn station, offers a view of the former listening station on the Teufelsberg and leads across the Grunewald and the Drachenberg.


A little further out is the Waren an der Müritz National Park. With your bike in your luggage, you can take the train from Berlin Central Station to Waren (Müritz) station in 1-2 hours and can then start a moderately difficult bike tour. With a circumference of around 16 km and a time of 1-1.5 hours, an incredible landscape with lakes, moors and great forests awaits you here, which offers a great cycling experience with a bird watching tower, a bathing area and the port of Waren (Müritz).

Waren National Park (Müritz)

2. boat trips

If you want to see Berlin from the water, a boat tour is the right place for you. You can't swim in the Spree, but boats sail there every day.

For example, you can a Sightseeing boat tour book through Berlin's government and museum district. Here you can pass major sights without being exposed to the hustle and bustle of the city center and even get an audio guide. This tour takes approximately one hour and costs 19€ per adult and 9.50€ per child up to 14 years of age.

Sightseeing boat trip on the Spree

The 2.5-hour tour offers a very special experience Evening boat trip on the Spree. It runs along the Berlin-Spandauer Canal and Westhafen Canal and also offers impressions of sights and interesting facts about historic and modern Berlin. The trip costs 30€ per adult and 15€ per child between 6 and 14 years of age. There are also discounts for families and with the Berlin WelcomeCard.

3. Hiking

Berlin Mitte may not be a good place to eat cherries with hikes, but fortunately the capital is not far from many beautiful places that are perfect for hiking.

For example, if you travel north by S-Bahn from Berlin Mitte for 30 minutes, you can make a great Hiking on the Tegeler Fliess enjoy. The S1 takes you from Berlin Gesundbrunnen directly to the Waidmannlust stop. This is where you start the approximately 2-hour hike, which takes you past Lake Hermsdorf, through moor meadows and, of course, the Tegeler Fließ. The route is approx. 7.5 km.

Hiking trail on the Tegeler Fliess

If you take the S1 in the opposite direction, you can get off at the Mexikoplatz stop and get on a Hiking at Schlachtensee Get caught. You will hike around the lake on a distance of approx. 7.6 km and after 2 hours of hard work, you can relax on the lawn.


4th parks

Not a fan of active vacations? No problem Berlin offers a variety of parks and green spaces — perfect for relaxing, strolling and sunbathing.

At the top of the list is the popular Mauerpark, which is also a highly sought after spot by Berliners. It connects the districts of Prenzlauer Berg, Brunnenviertel and Mitte. It is not uncommon for musical events to take place here, which you can listen to free of charge. Otherwise, the park is ideal for reading, playing basketball and picnicking.


Die Gardens of the World offer a great experience for groups and families by combining knowledge and fun. There are theme gardens, art and architecture as well as a cable car, playgrounds and rallies, and changing events, exhibitions and events for all ages.

Gardens of the World

Another address is Volkspark Friedrichshain, which is a wonderful place to lie on the lawn, barbecue or play frisbee, especially in summer. And if you still want to learn something, you can look at the monuments and sculptures that reflect a piece of Berlin's history.

Volkspark Friedrichshain

5. Outdoor escape rooms

Have you ever played an escape room? And what does it look like with an escape game outside? Summer offers perfect conditions for puzzle tours in Berlin that combine fun and games with brain jogging in the fresh air.

SchoolRallye: Escape and espionage at the Berlin Wall

A top tip for you is our digital scavenger hunt “Escape and Espionage at the Berlin Wall.” The SchoolRallye combines puzzle fun with knowledge about the GDR, as the 3-4 groups help art dealer Siegfried escape across the Berlin Wall. You'll have to crack codes, escape Stasi spies and, of course, solve puzzles. The whole thing is very easy via smartphone and costs 9.50€ per person. However, this outdoor escape room is only suitable for school classes.

Cracking codes at SchoolRallye

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Outdoor Escape Games

The game offers puzzle fun similar to SchoolRallye Escape Game - East Berlin 1985. Here, too, you must smuggle a man out of the GDR, collect information and crack codes. The game lasts about 2 hours and teaches you important knowledge about the time of the GDR, escape history and the Berlin Wall.

Berlin wall

Perfect for larger groups, families and fantasy fans is the Tiergarten Saga Legends of the Key; an evil dragon has stolen the key to peace, which must be recovered. Solve the puzzles and collect clues to where the key is hidden in order to find it and restore peace between elves, dwarves, and humans.

6. Silent Disco

One Quiet disco or Headphone party is a dance event in which every participant hears the music exclusively through wireless headphones. There are no loudspeakers, the music is transmitted to each individual headphone via Bluetooth. These usually take place in closed rooms, but thanks to the absence of noise pollution, these parties can also be optimally organized on open roads or in city centers - including in Berlin.

If you would like to try out such a silent disco, silent.move A great opportunity; with a selection of music from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, you dance for around 90 minutes over a distance of 2.5 km through the government district. The entire event costs 13.90€ per person.

Silent Disco

7. Historical city tour

Die Berlin Wall City Tour lasts 1-2 hours and is suitable for groups, families and colleagues. The tour takes you along the strip of walls and provides you with interesting information about the Berlin Wall, places of remembrance and exciting stories from your guide. If you are traveling with children, they should be a bit older; the tour is less suitable for smaller children.

Sign in the Berlin Wall

A slightly different type of city tour offers a Night watchman tour through Berlin. Here you won't see the typical tourist spots, but walk on the paths of medieval Berlin, which wasn't even that big compared to today. Highlights of this tour include the first Berlin pub from 1621, the ruins of the Grey Monastery and the medieval city wall from 1250.

Night watchman tour

With these tips, you should now be well prepared for your summer in Berlin. If you are in the mood for an outdoor escape room with an educational background, feel free to drop by SchoolRallye. We're looking forward to seeing you!

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